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Dear city, the weathers’ been fine,

And my world of endless serenity, beats on my mind.

My days are so sweet, my new made memories they catch on my feet. X2

Dear summer I’ve chased you all over,

Like a hungry little girl so hungry for the world. 

My days are so sweet, my new made memories they catch on my feet (I said,) X2

Dear Lord please let this last, my home, my heart, my future and past.

Dear future let me live out my days, filled with everything in every which way. X2

My days so sweet x5

My Happy song! My dad kept asking (in the recording process) why I don’t write happy songs. And so my dear friends, I obliged my Executive Producer (dad) and did my best to abandon the melancholy (I just have a lot of suppressed feeeelings). 

Barua ( Swahili for “letters”) is a song about my gap year. It is a song of joy, adventure, new experiences, summer, looking ahead and well…. living! Last year was by far the most incredible year of my life. I did so many things I never thought I would get to do so young. I took a great big fat hold of life and lived fully in every new and even confronting thing. I learn’t a huge amount about independence, home, passion, people and myself.

 My last six months in Kenya, however, were the absolute highlight months of my whole year. I found myself thoroughly at home somewhere, for the first time in a very long time. I lay in the sunshine of familiarity, friendship and family and soaked it all in, thanking God that I had so much love in my life.

It brought me to the conclusion that life really is about people. You can see every marvel in the world, drink every kind of interesting locally brewed beer, take 50 000 photos of everything beautiful; but at the end of the day nothing is so wondrous and important as those touches we have with rest of humanity. I am so privileged to be from two worlds. Sometimes it is the thing I like least about my life, but this year has made me realise that it is actually the defining thing in my life. I have the blessing of two passports and two countries where I have family, and friends and people who will always love me and treasure me, where some people barely have even one. 

Barua is a letter to all the people, God, places and things that have made my past year such an amazing learning curve, thank you for my year-long summer. 


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Knocks on my door, please let me in.

Knocks to my core, some past echoing. 


I’d always said you’d have to work, much harder.

I’d always said you’d have to fight, so fight.

Stay loving me and I’ll slip you the key.

Hard-headed guilt, please let me in,

And hard hearts half-built, oh I’m being broken in.

Chorus etc

I’ll make this quick and painless for you readers ;):)

This song was written straight from the heart, straight from experience and all in one day. I usually write the basis of the songs I do in one sitting, and then go back later and change things. 

This song is about relationship. I always knew I never wanted to exclusively write love songs, but what I believe is best about well written love songs, is that they can be applicable to more than just romantic love. This song is about the difficulty of opening up, something I have always struggled with. It’s about finding yourself in new situations that reveal to you doors and walls in your heart and mind that you never knew you had. 

The heart of a song is an appeal, an appeal to that person you love (platonically or romantically) to keep fighting even when it seems like no key or demolition ball (can’t say ‘wrecking ball’, afraid Miley rather stole that term now -_-) that they try to use is working. Of course I’m not suggesting that it’s the responsibility of the other person to do all the work in trying to form a deep trust, it is ultimately a choice and a battle that you have to to take on (but a little encouragement goes a long way).

The vibe of this song is one that I really intend to pursue, probably more so than any other song on the album. I love big band, and I love indie, and I love alternative rock, but ultimately I think this style and jazz-chord-mood is where my voice feels most at home. 



I feel the heat today,

I turn it down,

It’s gonna take real stormy weather,

to quench this cracking ground.

You better run X2

I feel a force today,

Feel it gather round my feet.

Hope I soon will drown these tethers,

that keep that force from me.

You better run X2

I threw my fears into the sea,

I planted faith- it’s smallest seed,

I grew as tall as mountain skies,

Ford the sand it’s high tide.

I felt the moon today ,

it’s pull left me high.

I’m turning and tossing,

waiting for my time.

You better run X2

Chorus X2

I wrote High Tide during the period just before I started recording and I was selecting which of my songs I actually wanted to immortalise on tracks. 

At that point, I wasn’t even sure I was at all ready for it, or at all good enough to presume anyone would actively want to listen to my music. 

This song is about kicking ass, its about getting up in the morning and saying that today is the day I just get up and do that thing that I am so terrified to do. It’s about the fact that the biggest obstacle by far in our lives is ourselves. 

It still scares me to playback my songs. Even now I wish I could have done somethings differently; sung that section better, developed that melody a little more etc. But I did it, and no matter how embarrassed I might be one day at my songwriting level when I was 18-19, I know I should be proud that I took the step to at least give it a shot.

Sometimes I feel almost embarrassed to imagine myself as a professional musician. What do I have to offer that is remarkable? I feel awkward to let other people know that that is my biggest dream, for fear of their internal judgment of “she’s not really that good, but let her pursue this little fancy till she’s a broke down and out 30-something musician”. 

But I also know that that fear and absorption in the opinions of others (and in my own opinion) is by far the biggest obstacle in me achieving that dream. I want to do so many things in my life, music is only ever going to be a part of it.I’m not a believer in the whole “one career” thing. Why can’t I be an activist and society-changer as well? And an artist? And start something of my own business-wise? I intend to take a huge bite out of life and not limit myself to just a “career” or just to my own self advancement.

I know the “YOLO” thing has definitely lost all kind of meaning at this point, but when you think about it, when you REALLY think about the fact that you can never “do life over” and that this is the last 8th of March 2014 that you will ever experience….. It really does put a whole new spin on life. 

Anyway, enough rambling from me today. 

Get up get out, its High TIde.


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Looking longingly through my Barcelona photos.



Just take a breath just take a breath, 

Believe that it’s easy.

Keep unaware, stay too prepared,

You’ve got it, believe me.

You’re skin is thicker than you know,

Your spine gets stiffer as you go.

Square number one pulls you undone,

it’s not gonna claim you.

Under a foreign sky in the heart of July,

I kept your dreams for you.

You’re future’s unlimited,

Your soul lives uninhibited.

I’ll hold your hope X(a bunch of times)

.. when it goes cold.

Hello chums!
It’s been an absolute age since I posted anything and yes I know I promised to do this song break-down thing like two weeks ago. Any who, I’m all settled now and have a lot more time to start investing in the creative aspects of my life regularly again.

There are those moments in life when we are granted a time of beautiful solitary reflection. Whether it be on a road trip or a long walk/jog, or my personal favourite- a good few hours with the stereo on top volume in your fairy-light-filled cave- when the world is stripped down to a solitary enjoyment of music in your ears and the delicious surrender into what that piece of music means to you and you alone. 

Lyrics I feel are a huge part of what can make music soar. It’s true, lyrics are nothing without music, and if the music fails, the lyrics can become superfluous. And, yes, it is also true that instrumental music can also be miraculous and intensely personal and relevant. 

But lets leave that aside for now and discuss purely the music & lyric relationship. I like to hear someones voice, the really personal stuff that they may never be able to tell another in a one-to-one conversation, sung and declared loudly through their music. My favourite thing about lyrics, however, is the way they can mean so many different things to so many different people, and often are interpreted in ways that I assure you the writer probably never thought of. It’s the same way that a novelist can envisage a whole world and describe it down to the most minute detail, but every reader will create a different world of their own both aesthetically and sensually. It’s wonderful, and although I’m sure there are artists out there who would disagree and call it “mis interpretation”, I have to say that it’s probably my favourite thing about the arts. 

ANYWAY; all this to introduce my own personal reflections on my own lyrics (http://waabeh.com/market/creators/128), and to break them down for those who are interested and who enjoy that kind of insight. 

I wrote Hope for someone really special and close to me, and someone I feel particularly protective over. Hope is about holding on for someone who seems to be drifting, it’s about dreaming for someone else in the moments where life seems to be overwhelming them and they can’t see past the monotony, or the current darkness. 

From experience, the worst thing you can be told when you feel as down as that, is to ‘get over it’, or to be presented with all the solutions to fix the situation. Another frustrating thing to be told is “yeah I get you, I understand..” followed along with a persons whole long story about how they went through the EXACT same thing and how they managed to get past it and now you need to do the same. Now I know I myself have been guilty of both those things, as have we all. But I am learning in certain scenarios all you need to be is a shoulder, to keep your mouth relatively shut, and to keep the persons spark alive in anyway you can.

Hope is about hoping for someone else, holding it, when all other circumstances around this person may be pointing in a downward direction. I think to those closest to us, we have that responsibility. When I think of those that I know love me the most in my life, I can see the times where they dreamed FOR me and looked at my future and I knew that they could see something bright and beautiful and impossible where I could not. Upon reflection, it is a way I feel I am able evaluate the extent of love; those who are invested enough in your life to have the audacity to inject hope and an occasionally annoying persistency to believe in you when you feel you have given them no reason to. 


I guess what I want people to gain from this is to look at those around you who you know love you, look to heaven, imagine them promising to hold on and dream for you when you feel as despondent about life as you possibly could. 

To this wonderful girl I wrote this for, thank you so much for doing the same for me; for holding on to my dreams and ambitions and encouraging and supporting me despite the most unlikely circumstances. I love and cherish you always.

- W.W

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m-cynth: "Hi there! I came across your blog and I love it! Your music too! bless your voice! It's great to hear that type of music and say it's Kenyan. You should be proud of yourself if you aren't already. Also love your photography! What camera do you use and what do you use to edit your photos? Goodluck on your adventure and all the very best in the new year! :)"

Yowza! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.
I use a Canon EOS 1100D, and I do very light editing with Photoshop CS 5.1. 

I am a complete photography newbie, to be honest I mostly don’t know what I’m doing but I know what I like so I suppose thats some sort of starting point. :)
Bless you dear! 

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Prague- Palace Hill





Hey chaps and chappettes,

Sorry I haven’t updated in forever. Right now I’m in my home city of Nairobi,Kenya. Having an absolute blast in this buzzing place.

This also means I now have time to actually edit and upload my Europe photos and make proper use of this blog.

Thanks for following! Inbox me with any questions about the cities I’ve visited or just questions in general.

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